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Who We Are

The leading advisory firm provide all finance related requirements at one single destination.in year 2014, Mr.Alpesh Padsala and Mr. Haresh shiroya, who is our visionary founder and CEO of SHAP & ASSOCIATES. The inception of our firm marked the commencement of a visionary journey in the realm of professional services.

Originating as a stalwart in advisory services, particularly in auditing and taxation. our purpose was clear to establish a new precedent for unparalleled quality in the industry. This commitment to excellence has been the driving force behind our evolution, propelling us from recognition to redefining what it means to be a true trailblazer.

Our Expertise

Our journey aspires for nothing short of excellence. Each milestone we achieve only serves to fuel our dedication further, compelling us to reach even greater heights. The recognition we have garnered along the way is not just a badge of honour. It's a testament to our unwavering commitment to raising the bar and setting new standards in professional proficiency.

Our team strength comprises of more than 50 professional and supportive staff distinguished as chartered accountants, certified public accountant (persuing), master in Business Administration,many other graduation.

Our Commitment

our commitment to excellence only grows together. We are not content with resting on past achievements. We are propelled by the vision of what lies ahead. The future is a canvas waiting to be painted with our unwavering dedication to raising standards, empowering businesses and shaping industries.


"Sculpting a Vision of Success, Harmony, Accuracy, and Progress, SHAP is to be a trailblazing force in financial excellence, pioneering innovative solutions and fostering sustainable growth for our clients, guided by unwavering principles and a commitment to shaping a brighter financial future."


"Striving for Holistic Advisory and Precision, our mission at SHAP is to deliver innovative financial solutions, ensuring Sustainable Growth, High Ethical Standards, and Client Prosperity in every aspect of our services."

Why Choose Us?

Financial Prowess Unleashed

Elevate your business with SHAP & ASSOCIATES, where a powerhouse of over 50 experts blends creativity and corporate acumen for unparalleled financial success.

Masters of Financial Symphony

Enrich your financial journey with us, led by visionary founders Mr. Alpesh Padsala and Mr. Haresh Shiroya, crafting a harmonious blend of creativity and corporate excellence since 2014.

Tomorrow's Excellence Today

Choose SHAP & ASSOCIATES for a dynamic partnership, where our commitment to redefining standards ensures your future success is painted with the vibrant hues of innovation and corporate brilliance.

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Alpesh Padsala


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Haresh Shiroya


Chairman & Partner

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Managing Partner

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